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Conflict and Risk Analysis

Conflict analysis - we can undertake comprehensive conflict analysis or initial conflict screenings and ensure that company decisions are based on sound understanding of the project area.

Security, legal and reputational risk analysis - we can elaborate comprehensive security, legal and reputational risk analysis and ensure that companies understand existing and potential threats to projects.

Risk Management

Security risk management - we can support companies in developing and implementing comprehensive security risk strategies and ensure that projects are managed in a safe and sustainable way.

Legal risk and liability management - we can support companies in developing and implementing comprehensive strategies to reduce legal risks and liabilities by incorporating compliance with human rights and international humanitarian law into business practices.

Reputational risks and opportunities management - we can support companies in developing and implementing comprehensive reputational management strategies in order to avoid major public relations crises.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder mapping and dialogue - we can identify relevant stakeholders and assist companies in the development of a strategically oriented stakeholder dialogue.

Impact Assessment

Impact assessments (field based) - we can conduct field based human rights/humanitarian law impact assessments, as well as conflict and social impact assessment.

Review and best practices - we can review the effectiveness of existing risk and stakeholder management strategies and identify best practices. We can provide support to management in transposing and adapting best practices to other project sites.

Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights

We can support companies in implementing the voluntary principles on security and human rights. In addition to providing the requested risk assessments we can assist them in establishing the relevant safeguards and policies guiding their relations with public or private security providers in order to avoid negative impacts on their security, legal and reputational environment.

Crisis Management Preparedness and Capacity Development

Asses potential crises and create crisis plans and teams - Some risks associated with a project may be difficult to completely manage. In this case, it's important to have good generic plans and processes. We will support the company in creating or developing crisis management capacity and preparedness relative to these risks.

Exercises - We can develop 'as live' tailored exercises for the project management and crisis team, using realistic scenarios that have been identified in the risk, impact and stakeholder assessment process outlined above. We will present an after action review and recommendations for strengthening crisis capability.

At each stage of the project cycle, Safestainable offers services tailored to companies needs.