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Project Cycle

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Feasibility Studies and Project Approval

While exploring the commercial viability of an identified project site and before the final project approval, management needs an in-depth knowledge of the project area and risks have to be clearly identified. In addition coherent risk management and stakeholder dialogue strategies must be developed and implemented. Importantly, the conditions for a conflict-related "no-go" decision must be clarified.

Safestainable offers (based on field assessment):

  • Conflict and risk analysis (field based) - we can provide project managers with a comprehensive field based conflict analysis and identify and prioritise security, legal and reputational risks threatening operations.
  • Impact studies (field based) - we can undertake field based human rights/humanitarian law impact assessments, as well as social impact assessments.
  • Security, legal and reputational risk management - we can support management in developing comprehensive security, legal and reputational risk strategies and assist in implementing them at the operational level.
  • Stakeholder dialogue management - we can advise management in developing a strategically oriented stakeholder dialogue.
  • Voluntary principles on security and human rights - we can provide support to management in the implementation of the voluntary principles on security and human rights.