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Safestainable enables companies operating in volatile zones to manage strategic and operational non-financial risks and to create sustainable business opportunities.

Safestainable is an independent consultancy specialising in non-financial risk which uses a sustainable approach to security management. We provide advice and services that enable companies operating in volatile areas to manage strategic and operational risks and to create sustainable business opportunities.

Safestainable's underlining approach is to go beyond traditional security management strategies, by acknowledging and integrating the interdependence of security, legal and reputational risks. Our systematic and integrated approach incorporates the respect of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights principles, active stakeholder dialogue and existing best practices into security management.


Safestainable is currently seeking
Interns for Fall 2020.
Human Rights and IHL Trainers.

For More Information on Safestainable's Activities
Iraq - Engagement with Public Security Forces.
Kenya - Developing Resources to Support Training of Public Security Forces Assigned to Extractives Operations in Kenya.