Safestainable enables companies operating in volatile zones to manage strategic and operational non-financial risks and to create sustainable business opportunities, and supports companies and their management operating in volatile zones in the adoption of sustainable approaches to security, legal and reputational risk management.

Our services assist companies in understanding and monitoring risks and identifying their impact on future or ongoing operations. We support management in developing and implementing comprehensive risk management strategies, as well as providing cutting edge training.

While our services are especially adapted to the needs and challenges faced by the extractive industry, they will equally benefit any company operating in a volatile environment.


Conflict, Policy & Management  System

  • Conflict analysis: we undertake comprehensive conflict or security, legal and reputational risk analysis and ensure that companies understand existing and potential threats to projects.
  • Risk and gap analysis on various human rights topics: We conduct gap analysis on various human right topics and help you to overcome these gaps by elaborating and implementing practical action plans
  • Establishment of strategies, policies, and management systems: We assist in developing comprehensive strategies, policies, and management systems tailored to your company's needs, fostering a sustainable and secure operational environment.
  • Community relations strategies: We work with you to formulate community relations strategies that promote positive engagement, addressing concerns and building strong relationships with local communities.
  • Human Rights Early Warning Systems: Implementing Human Rights Early Warning Systems, we help you proactively identify and mitigate potential human rights issues, safeguarding your operations and reputation.

Conflict and Human Rights Due Diligence

  • Due diligence procedures: We guide your company through rigorous due diligence procedures, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of potential human rights and social risks associated with your projects.
  • Human Rights and social risks and impact assessments: Conducting in-depth impact assessments, we analyse the human rights and social risks, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making and responsible business practices.
  • Value Chain Management: Integrating human rights considerations into your value chain, we help enhance ethical and sustainable practices across your business operations.
  • Stakeholder Dialogue: Facilitating constructive stakeholder dialogues, we help you engage with relevant parties, fostering transparent communication and building mutually beneficial relationships.

Accountability & Performance

  • Performance Assessment: We conduct thorough performance assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of your policies and management systems, ensuring continuous improvement.
  • Auditing and Controlling: Through rigorous auditing processes, we help control and monitor compliance with established policies, identifying areas for enhancement and risk mitigation.
  • Sustainability Communication: We assist in crafting effective sustainability communication strategies, helping you convey your commitment to responsible business practices to internal and external stakeholders.

Access to Remedy

  • Establishment of company or regional grievance mechanisms: We support the establishment of robust grievance mechanisms, providing affected parties with a channel to voice concerns and seek resolution.
  • Independent Reviews: Conducting impartial independent reviews, we ensure fair and transparent assessments of grievances, contributing to a culture of accountability and responsiveness.

Security and Human Rights

  • Security and Human Rights Implementation of VPSHR and International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers: We guide you in implementing VPSHR and the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers, fostering a secure and human rights-centric environment.
  • Audit of Security Providers: Our team conducts audits of security providers to assess their adherence to established standards, enhancing the reliability and accountability of your security arrangements.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: We assist in developing comprehensive stakeholder engagement strategies, promoting collaboration, and addressing concerns to create positive relationships within the community.

Capacity Building and Trainings

  • Security and Human Rights Training for public and private security providers, and wildlife rangers: Offering specialised training programs, we build the capacity of both public and private security providers in security and human rights practices.
  • Workshops on Human Rights: Conducting workshops focused on human rights, we facilitate understanding and awareness among your team, fostering a culture of respect and responsibility.
  • Highfield-certified TTT and First Aid Training: Our Highfield-certified Train the Trainer (TTT) and First Aid Training programs ensure your personnel are equipped with essential skills for emergency situations.
  • Emergency Response Training: We provide comprehensive emergency response training, preparing your team to effectively handle unforeseen challenges and crises.
  • Crisis Management Workshops: We offer clients a stepped approach to crisis management training with the objective of strengthening the company's resilience to crises through tailored crisis management workshops, ensuring a resilient and proactive approach.

Acceptance Strategies